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Zaltan Ibrihimovic


Zaltan Ibrihimovic is a footballer. His team is Manchester United. Zaltan Ibrihimovic is born in 03 October 1981 in Malmo, Sweden. He is a Swedish plyer. His position is striker . Zaltan Ibrihimovic gives a clearest hint yet that he will remain at Manchester United beyond the current season. A goalkeeper got the ball but Ibrihimovic kicked the […]

Training Challenge 5


Cristiano Ronaldo Question 1 : How many trophy’s do you have ? Question 2 : How many matches have you played ? Question 3 : How many Hat-Tricks have you done ? Question 4 : How many goals have you scored ? Question 5 : Do you have any siblings ?

Football Teams In The Premier League


Premier League Teams AFC Bournemouth                 Arsenal                 Burnley Chelsea             Crystal Palace                Everton          Hull City Leicester City              Manchester City           Manchester United Middlesbrough               Southampton          Stoke City Sunderland                Swansea City            Tottenham Hotspur Watford            West Bromwich Albion              West Ham United

What do you need to go to a football match?


You will need A Football ⚽️  Shin pads ⚽️  Shorts ⚽️  T- Shirt ⚽️ Football Socks ⚽️ Football Boots ⚽️  A Stadium ⚽️ Nets ⚽️ Flag posts ⚽️  Cleats ⚽️  Water ⚽️  A Referee ⚽️  Bibs ⚽️  Cones ⚽️  Duffel Bag ( Any Bag ) ⚽️  Goalposts ⚽️  

My football game


First I went to my cousins house an we were going to play with the football. the game was someone had to be on top of the stairs and the other person has to be down the stairs and kick the ball, the person on the top needs to catch the ball. First I took a […]

Training Challenge 4! Article


Cristiano Ronaldo named soccer’s best player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo named best FIFA player 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo is known as the best FIFA player on a Monday 2016!! He is a great footballer. He was a Real Madrid Star, he also had a trophy for that so that’s how good he is. Ronaldo also […]

Why I like reading!!


Keep Calm And Love Reading     🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂  The reason I like reading     🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂 I like reading because it is fun and let’s you learn more. For a fact reading is a subject and reading makes you learn new words you’ve never seen before. I read actually one or two hours […]



Footballers ⚽️ Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽️ Karim Benzima ⚽️ Garreth Bale ⚽️ James Rodriguez ⚽️ Lionel Messi ⚽️ Neymar Jr ⚽️ Zlatan Ibrahimovic  ⚽️  Alexis Sanchez ⚽️ Wayne Rooney ⚽️ Paul Pogba ⚽️ Frank Lampard ⚽️ Scholes ⚽️ Keylor Navas ⚽️ Carvajal ⚽️ Sergio Ramos ⚽️ Varane ⚽️ Kroos ⚽️ Marcelo ⚽️ Isco ⚽️ Kieran Gibbs ⚽️ Lucas Perez ⚽️ Gabriel ⚽️ Hector Bellerin ⚽️ Mesut Ozil ⚽️ Theo Wallcot ⚽️ Danny Welbeck ⚽️        Users who have LIKED […]

The National Literacy Trust


Who we met? We met the CEO and the programme manager of the Literacy Trust in MALTA.They were very kind and gave us pencils each so we said “thank you.” Where is MALTA? Malta is in Italy and the continent Europe. It is surrounded by Croatia, France, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece. How is MALTA? […]

The Danger Academy Part 4 by Me (What I think will happen next?)


Danny then goes and gets some of his money ad gave his money to the footballers equally. Then Danny really wants to find out who hurt the footballers. Danny again went to the room the footballers got hurt and I used my magnifying glass to look at some things such as finger prints and accessories […]

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