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No team work 2 against 1 ( Chapter 3)


 Now they knew that to find him they needed another friend to continue, they looked and looked for a person that was brave and like all tipes of adventures until they found him and his name was Mobeen, they went to the park they were to find Kopihan and they checked,  but they never found […]

No team work 2 against 1 ( chapter 4)


They went to the park and did the same thing, go in a picnic and let the drinks there, Mobeen and Mateo went to play, but Mahmood hid between the trees and he saw 3 people, at the back of their T-shirt it said their names, Vishal, Tabish and Mahamud, they scaled from prison, Mobeen […]

No team work 2 against 1 ” Last chapter” ( Chapter 5)


Mateo claimed the tree and he had a really big net that could get  almost 2 bears so it was big enough to get all of those baddies, he throw the net and it got all of them, at that right moment the police came and said thanks the police made all of them tell […]