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The book that i made up by tomisn


The books that i made up   It was a wonderful day outside  the sun was shining bright in the sky.  The neighbor hood was so peaceful and quiet most of he time  me and my family hear birds tweeting in the distance. It felt like the burning sun was going to melt me in […]

The danger acadamy what i think will happen next


In the book Daniel wanted  to go to a football team but  he was going to investigate what is happening. He creaped the stairs  and he tried as hard as he could to not make a sound. There was only two doors  and one was with light and one was with no light. He chose […]

Readin stars going to a trip in CRYSTAL PALACE stadioum!!!!


To day it has been a really  fun day because reading stars have been going on a trip to Crystal Palace stadium and we did awesome work games. One of them was to  be with an author that had written the books called: THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DIARIES.   BY JAMIE SCALLION.               […]