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The Danger Academy Part Three (What i think will happen next)


Then… Danny was running away from the Academy and said “Anton come drop it why said Anton because i said so drop it”. Danny and Anton started to run away from then so fast they was like flash. Later they hid in  a big kind of house and said lets wait here for 5 or […]

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The danger academy part 3 by me (What I think will happen next?)


CHAPTER 4 Danny has been investigating a strange area were his Then Danny went out of the Academy and went to find Anton. He called”Anton WERE ARE YOU!!” He couldn’t stop his temper. He still wanted to find his friends but he didn’t know were they were. He was scared on his own. Where could his […]

” A terric Halloween” chapter 4


Some how there were thousands of ghosts all around the room and the door closed, but the good thing was that it was the room were the water ballons trap was in, mateo had some siccors and he cut the string and all the water ballons fell in the ghost. But the crazy thing is that there were lots […]

detectives ninja chapter 4


Mateo was hiding at the top of the tree, then the person came and he went to see the money. The Mateo jump down and made the person fell down the Mahmood cut the string with his scissors. Then the net came down and Mateo jump out so the net only cought the thief, they […]

No team work 2 against 1 ( chapter 4)


They went to the park and did the same thing, go in a picnic and let the drinks there, Mobeen and Mateo went to play, but Mahmood hid between the trees and he saw 3 people, at the back of their T-shirt it said their names, Vishal, Tabish and Mahamud, they scaled from prison, Mobeen […]