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“A terrific Halloween” chapter 2


The 3 friend waited until every one went, they went inside the school to try and find any clues so the school Halloween party was able to open. When they got in everything was messed up, everything was changed since they left yesterday. They were a bit scared but Mahmood had an idea to not […]

detective ninjas chapter 2


They went to find clues in all the rocks that fall down. This time only Mahmood found a clue, it was a jacket in the floor from a fire man. It said the name of the person, it said “Mahamud The fire man” He work in a really good job because they knew were he […]

No team work 2 against 1 (Chapter 2)


Mateo and Mahmood didn’t know what to do or what was happening, but they had a really important clue, someone was behind this problem and they knew they had to solve it. They went home to try and do something about it so they started thinking, finally they found out that it was another case […]