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Who is Mr.Tee favorite team?                                                                                   Who is Mr.Tee favorite player?         […]

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“A terrific Halloween” chapter 2


The 3 friend waited until every one went, they went inside the school to try and find any clues so the school Halloween party was able to open. When they got in everything was messed up, everything was changed since they left yesterday. They were a bit scared but Mahmood had an idea to not […]

“A Terrific Halloween” Chapter 3


They came out of the school and went to kopihans home to think what they could do next. When they got to kopihans home they made a plan. The 3 friend made a copy of the more Valiums trophy on the world, but it was fake. Kopihan was the fastest out of the 3 friend so he had […]

” A terric Halloween” chapter 4


Some how there were thousands of ghosts all around the room and the door closed, but the good thing was that it was the room were the water ballons trap was in, mateo had some siccors and he cut the string and all the water ballons fell in the ghost. But the crazy thing is that there were lots […]

“A terrifict Halooween” Last chapter Chapter 5 The End


After all the 3 friends had fun catching the Zombie  Peter-Ray and The Ghost Elvin and now they were going to a party, Elvin and Peter-Ray the students went to the party but at the end of it they had to clan up all of the mess. Every one was happy that they got to […]

(THE 3 FRIENDS) Detectives ninja chapter 1


The 3 friends detectives, Kopihan, Mateo and Mahmood were playing in the park together and they smeel something was burning they went to see and a house was in fire. They called the police in the phone cabinet     and they came the fastest they could, the 3 friend knew that this was a problem that the […]

detective ninjas chapter 2


They went to find clues in all the rocks that fall down. This time only Mahmood found a clue, it was a jacket in the floor from a fire man. It said the name of the person, it said “Mahamud The fire man” He work in a really good job because they knew were he […]

detectives ninja chapter 4


Mateo was hiding at the top of the tree, then the person came and he went to see the money. The Mateo jump down and made the person fell down the Mahmood cut the string with his scissors. Then the net came down and Mateo jump out so the net only cought the thief, they […]

Readin stars going to a trip in CRYSTAL PALACE stadioum!!!!


To day it has been a really  fun day because reading stars have been going on a trip to Crystal Palace stadium and we did awesome work games. One of them was to  be with an author that had written the books called: THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DIARIES.   BY JAMIE SCALLION.               […]

(The 3 friends) No team work 2 against 1 Chapter 1


The 3 friend were having a picnic in a park to rest after all the trouble they solved. They left the picnic and started playing it, some one came and no one notice him, the man put a liquid in to kopihans drink then he left. When the 3 friends stop they went to eat, kopihan […]

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