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World new Record!!! The longest shoot that went into the goal


Once   time, some people started to make foot ball games and activity’s, no matches. The most popular activity game in the world from football was “The longest shoot to try and score”, The best Record was made by Neymar, he scored from half of the pitch that was 50m, 100 waas the hall pith but no one […]

“A terrific Halloween” Chapter 1


It was the 21/11/2007, 3 friends called (Kopihan, Mateo and Mahmood.) were so exited because this night it was going to be Halloween. They never believe that ghost or zombies existed, but when they went to the school but it was close, they said that when they saw the cameras they saw zombies and ghosts scaring the guards and destroying the school. the school was […]

detective ninjas chapter 3


They found a note saying the next house I will fired will be denials house, bring me 100 pounds and I wont do it. no Tricks, no police. We needed to do something and we went to the bank to get the 100 pounds, we thought of a trap and we finally got one. They went under a tree were […]

What do you think will happend next in the next chapter of the Rassiun Billioner of Tom palmer


What I think that will happend next in the Rassiun Billiuner is that when Tom palmer look trough the window a storm came and the Russion millioner disapired, Tom palmer will look trough the other window he wiil see the the russion millioner next to his car with a gun pointing at him. Tom palmer […]

Part 2 Dream team


Can you tell me why did you pick the players in your dream team? Give me reasons of why you chose these players. Also chose only one of your Dream teams.  School or your favorite players My ones are: School: For goal keeper I chose mobeen because in the 2015 world cup in year 5 […]

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