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What do you need to go to a football match?


You will need A Football ⚽️  Shin pads ⚽️  Shorts ⚽️  T- Shirt ⚽️ Football Socks ⚽️ Football Boots ⚽️  A Stadium ⚽️ Nets ⚽️ Flag posts ⚽️  Cleats ⚽️  Water ⚽️  A Referee ⚽️  Bibs ⚽️  Cones ⚽️  Duffel Bag ( Any Bag ) ⚽️  Goalposts ⚽️  

Training Challenge 4! Article


Cristiano Ronaldo named soccer’s best player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo named best FIFA player 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo is known as the best FIFA player on a Monday 2016!! He is a great footballer. He was a Real Madrid Star, he also had a trophy for that so that’s how good he is. Ronaldo also […]