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The Danger Academy Part 4 by Me (What I think will happen next?)


Danny then goes and gets some of his money ad gave his money to the footballers equally. Then Danny really wants to find out who hurt the footballers. Danny again went to the room the footballers got hurt and I used my magnifying glass to look at some things such as finger prints and accessories […]

What kind of books I would read


I would read books that are ok  for me because I only read books that have a great title, a great background and a great blurb. Users who have LIKED this post:

Flat Stanley Summary


WHAT HAVE WE READ SO FAR? Jerius: Stanley doesn’t like being flat, but he can do cool stuff like, going under a door to get through. Ezra: Stanley was invited to spend time with the Jeffrey’s at California, so his mum and dad put him in a large envelope and sent him there. WHAT DO […]

What book would you read?


I  have some suggestions on what books you might want to read. The Hunger Games Series The Jamie Johnson Series Roald Dahl books Tom Palmer books Football Academy Mystery books/Spy books Poem books Guinness World Record series Picture books Captain Underpants You can suggest your own books to others. Some of these books I shared, […]

What book are you reading?


For reading stars I am reading Captain Underpants. I chose this book because I love to read books that look interesting and books that I like. I am wondering what book you are reading. Write down the name and why you chose this book to read. Also if you would like to add anything else […]

Premier League Reading Stars


Welcome to our Premier League Reading Stars blog…on this blog students at West Thornton Academy who are on the Premier League Reading Stars program will post and share their work with you. This program is aimed to help encourage children to read more and learn that there are various sources they can use to enjoy reading. […]