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How would the player shoot? (Use your imagination, reflecting from the trip)


Hey Reading Stars, remember when we went to the trip? When Mr. Jonny Zucker asked us if you were on a football pitch and you would take a penalty. Then the goalkeeper saves the ball how would you shoot. Because I didn’t say my idea there I want to say it here so, There is […]

What I got over the Christmas Holidays!


What I got for Christmas! First of all I appreciate all the presents I got. And I love all my presents! And I know that Christmas was far behind but I just want to let you know what I got. Sorry if this is late. Presents from my Dad The presents I got from my […]

Flat Stanley Summary


WHAT HAVE WE READ SO FAR? Jerius: Stanley doesn’t like being flat, but he can do cool stuff like, going under a door to get through. Ezra: Stanley was invited to spend time with the Jeffrey’s at California, so his mum and dad put him in a large envelope and sent him there. WHAT DO […]