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“A terrific Halloween” Chapter 1


It was the 21/11/2007, 3 friends called (Kopihan, Mateo and Mahmood.) were so exited because this night it was going to be Halloween. They never believe that ghost or zombies existed, but when they went to the school but it was close, they said that when they saw the cameras they saw zombies and ghosts scaring the guards and destroying the school. the school was […]

“A Terrific Halloween” Chapter 3


They came out of the school and went to kopihans home to think what they could do next. When they got to kopihans home they made a plan. The 3 friend made a copy of the more Valiums trophy on the world, but it was fake. Kopihan was the fastest out of the 3 friend so he had […]

“A terrifict Halooween” Last chapter Chapter 5 The End


After all the 3 friends had fun catching the Zombie  Peter-Ray and The Ghost Elvin and now they were going to a party, Elvin and Peter-Ray the students went to the party but at the end of it they had to clan up all of the mess. Every one was happy that they got to […]