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facts about Ronaldo


 When Ronalo was a child he got so angry in his class and threw  a chair at his teacher. When Rolando was a child his father said that go and do your homework and  Rolando said i don’t have any. His father will tell him that it is dinner and he will go outside until it is late. When he […]

The book that i made up by tomisn


The books that i made up   It was a wonderful day outside  the sun was shining bright in the sky.  The neighbor hood was so peaceful and quiet most of he time  me and my family hear birds tweeting in the distance. It felt like the burning sun was going to melt me in […]

what i enjoy about reading stars


In reading stars i really enjoy many many things like i enjoy it because i learn how to be a better reading star and many ,more Mr tee chooses many people who like football and are no strong at reading so he thinks that we woulkd be better readers and i think its working. Users […]

What I think reading stars is…


I think  reading stars is about playing football and travel to football stadium and lean  skills and read  football books about frank lampard   and I also  get to see football players  and if we train  we have to work and try are best. Users who have LIKED this post:

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