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facts about Ronaldo


 When Ronalo was a child he got so angry in his class and threw  a chair at his teacher. When Rolando was a child his father said that go and do your homework and  Rolando said i don’t have any. His father will tell him that it is dinner and he will go outside until it is late. When he […]

The danger acadamy what i think will happen next


In the book Daniel wanted  to go to a football team but  he was going to investigate what is happening. He creaped the stairs  and he tried as hard as he could to not make a sound. There was only two doors  and one was with light and one was with no light. He chose […]

what i enjoy about reading stars


In reading stars i really enjoy many many things like i enjoy it because i learn how to be a better reading star and many ,more Mr tee chooses many people who like football and are no strong at reading so he thinks that we woulkd be better readers and i think its working. Users […]

What do you think we will do in reading star


In reading stars I think that we will do something about football. I also  think that we are going to read many books because why would they call it football stars then. I also think that in reading stars  we will go and travel to many stadiums and watch football stars play football. I also […]