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Fact about Wayne Rooney⚽️


      Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester  United and he plays for England is well he 36 year old his favorite sport is football.his height is 1.76m . also at the age of 9 he joined the academy during then he supported ,Evert on and he shirt is number 10.   .  

The danger Academy part 3 by me (what will happen part 3)


Danny finally was at the academy  he step in one foot to the other  he slowly walked in with Charlotte and there where two men up stairs.Danny said let go round the back be first we need to get a log to climb up.Danny went first he was silvering with fear. He slip jump off […]

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What I think a reading star is?


I think a reading star is to read book and learn what it about to help you improve with your work to give you skills and to practice spellings to help you with your life be more active creative that what I think it means.

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