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  1.who won the 2014 world cup ? A . Argentina B. Germany C. Brazil 2. who scored the 2014 world cup ? A. Mario Gotze B. Mario Gómez C. Mats Hummels 3.who won the ballon d’or 2015 ? A. Cristiano Ronaldo B. Neymar C.Lionel Messi     Users who have LIKED this post:

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Football quiz


who won the 2012 euro cup .? A.spain b.France c.England were did the 2012 euro took place? A.England B.France C.Ukraine who is the fastest footballer? A.Bale B. cristiano ronaldo C. lionel Messi Who missed the penalty against Austria? A. cristiano ronaldo B. Nani C.Pepe who scored the most goal in the euro 2016 ? A.pepe b. cristiano ronaldo c.Griezmann how won the […]

What is going to happen Football academy


what happen was that rayan team was losing every matches the other team would be saving the  goal and tomasz bobik would be look for someone and a ball go in the net and the other team would win and everyone would blam tomasz bobik because way did you let the ball goin the net […]

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quiz about football 1 to 7 1.What Contreras  won the 2014 word cup ? 2.who is the best footballer? 3.who broket namers back ? many yaers does word cup starts ? 5.Which three Phils have Premier League goals or assists this season? 6.Who scored Nottingham Forest’s only Premier League hat-trick? 7.which players scord the […]

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