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My football life -By Ezra


This is how I began football and what football has done to me. I started football at the age of  5. My best friend James had told me I started during reception when I was in his school. James taught me the basics of football and I enjoyed it. When I moved to West Thornton […]

My Player Profile – 15 years time


This is according to the reading stars homework. Name: Ezra Team: Arsenal Age: 25 Born in: England Nationality: Philippines Preferred foot: Right Weak foot: Two stars and a half Skill Moves: Two stars and a half Height: 175cm Weight: 26.35 Basic wage: 19 million   This is what I think my player profile will be like […]

How would the player shoot? (Use your imagination, reflecting from the trip)


Hey Reading Stars, remember when we went to the trip? When Mr. Jonny Zucker asked us if you were on a football pitch and you would take a penalty. Then the goalkeeper saves the ball how would you shoot. Because I didn’t say my idea there I want to say it here so, There is […]

What I got over the Christmas Holidays!


What I got for Christmas! First of all I appreciate all the presents I got. And I love all my presents! And I know that Christmas was far behind but I just want to let you know what I got. Sorry if this is late. Presents from my Dad The presents I got from my […]

How would you improve this poem?


Improve This Poem The keeper’s hands were wet, So the ball went in the net, His team said “Boo! We don’t love you!” Which made the goalie sad   Improve this poem! You can keep some words or change them. Try your best to make the best poem! Good Luck and have fun!

What book would you read?


I  have some suggestions on what books you might want to read. The Hunger Games Series The Jamie Johnson Series Roald Dahl books Tom Palmer books Football Academy Mystery books/Spy books Poem books Guinness World Record series Picture books Captain Underpants You can suggest your own books to others. Some of these books I shared, […]

What book are you reading?


For reading stars I am reading Captain Underpants. I chose this book because I love to read books that look interesting and books that I like. I am wondering what book you are reading. Write down the name and why you chose this book to read. Also if you would like to add anything else […]