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Cristiano Ronaldo named soccer’s best player of the year

Cristiano Ronaldo named best FIFA player 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as the best FIFA player on a Monday 2016!! He is a great footballer. He was a Real Madrid Star, he also had a trophy for that so that’s how good he is. Ronaldo also wins the ballon d’Or award so he should be very proud of himself. He has scored sixteen goals in twelve games. He has also scored sixty six goals in fifty six games. Ronaldo scored a record of 14 times in the Champion League play to help Madrid reach the tournament semifinals. He is one of the best players in his team. Real Madrid is so lucky to be in a team like that. Cristiano Ronaldo has opened a soccer museum is his Portuguese home of Madeira.

By : Kieran Gajendra Prabha        28.03.2017

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  1. April 4th, 2017 at 3:02 pm      Reply 19bilalm Says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo Best Player In The World

    Cristiano Ronaldo has won 4 ballondor’s one behind Messi Cristiano Ronaldo has won it in 2008,2013,2014,2016 Cristiano Ronaldo once one it two times in a row in 2013,2014 Ronaldo Was getting humiliated by Messi but now he has got one back and if he wins it this year he will be level with Messi Cristiano Ronaldo is not doing that good at la liga neymar and griezmann are they are most likely to win this year’s ballondor Cristiano Ronaldo has played for 4 team’s Sporting CP 2002-2003,Sporting Cp 2003-2009, Manchester United 2009-Real Madrid 2009 he only played for Manchester United from some month’s Ronaldo’s national team was Portugal he’s real name wasn’t only Cristiano Ronaldo it was Cristiano Ronaldo Down Santos Aviero.

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