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The boy who was poor to being rich because of football


There was a called Jim he was 18 years old and he was astonishingly poor he could not even afford a lolly pop. The one thing he was extremely good was football because before his mum and dad died they brought him a football that Jim has still kept. he was always practicing to be a famous football player that every one would like and he would earn money. Jim was very good at football he would probably be the best football player in the sunny day in England Jim saw a poster that said try outs for man united football team Friday 20th 2017 you have to pay 10 pounds to come to the club it is in London Oxford street .Jim was very exited but he had to earn the money so he went to a richer place in London. once he had earn the money he set of to the club.Jim got to the club gave the money he was with the captain and the captain said to do 100 press ups 100 star jumps 100 sit-up. once he had done them they tested him on his football and it was excellent well it looked excellent. the trial was done. one week later Jim got the letter to come to the club Jim burst in happy tears.Jim got brought for 123 million pounds he was rich. first game in it was man united vs west ham and Jim did good because the scores were 8-1 and he scored 4 goals and  3 assists. Jim stayed rich for the rest of his life and half is money went to charity and the rest went what Jim wanted

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“The boy who was poor to being rich because of football”

  1. March 29th, 2017 at 9:16 pm      Reply Mubarik Says:

    Nice story saffi I liked how hewas poor then he became rich and a famous footballer

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