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Who we met?

We met the CEO and the programme manager of the Literacy Trust in MALTA.They were very kind and gave us pencils each so we said “thank you.”

Where is MALTA?

Malta is in Italy and the continent Europe. It is surrounded by Croatia, France, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece.

How is MALTA?

Malta is a huge place and a massive island. It is very hot there and if you go there you would drink water every second. Malta has big beaches and a sculpture in the cold water.

What did we speak about?

We spoke about what activities we did in Premier League Reading Star club (PLRS) and what homework we get. They also asked if we actually enjoyed what we do in PLRS club. There were two men and one women.

By: Kieran and Kaden



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“The National Literacy Trust”

  1. March 29th, 2017 at 9:02 pm      Reply Oluwatomisin Says:

    Wow what a interesting experience being with a football manager

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