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The book that i made up by tomisn


The books that i made up


It was a wonderful day outside  the sun was shining bright in the sky.  The neighbor hood was so peaceful and quiet most of he time  me and my family hear birds tweeting in the distance. It felt like the burning sun was going to melt me in  to one million pieces in seconds.  It felt like a  humongous wrecking  ball was about to hit me in  the speed of lightning it was all red and looked like a lot of fire was there maybe  even more dangerous then the actual sun. Many people were rushing to the magnificent beach  because of the  weather that was how hot it was i was sweating  so hard in small seconds.  We decided  to stay for a little while to check the weather forecast . We had this machine that could make snow Jason ran up the quickest that he  can  and finally they got it. They made so much and they were a bit cold  but at least warm  we decided to go outside so we don’t ruin and type of material or electricity thing in our magnificent mansion. This was how hot the day was i could not even explain and it was all over the news.

Jason loves his video games in his piggy bank right know he has got  eleven thousand pounds he didn’t know that to spend it on  he basically had everything he had ever wanted in this life   hes nearly going  to be a mat chore groan up man. He had a  full cub oared that ways  so much and inside is where all of his games are there are so much things and  he loves all of his games do much that he named them  Jason even named the all sorts of names. Jason had 1 more brother and 2 sisters. My brother  and beloved brother was 19  the oldest child in the whole family. His name was called Daniel he loves games as well he had most of the things that Jason had Daniel was more rich maybe even richer then his parents who bought this fantastic mansion . Daniel had his own mansion and  he was a extremely popular you tuber that  has 20 millions subscribers. He does lots of videos for his fans and he dint really get any bad or rude comments on his channel  when he was a little kid he went to a school called West  Thornton Primary Academy. My sister was 17 and she was the type of person that always texts and always gets hold of the new trends like loom bands. Sometimes when she is angry she juts charges in and does not listen to any rules. Her other sister who was Sophia was kid of the same as  Sophie the parents think that because they  are twins.

We were finally heading to the  beach we had many cars when i mean many i mean many but  first we disided to  go to the shop  and buy some equipment because we  are doing to the Deep and  the longest beach in the world.  Jason was a little angry because  he wanted to play  some video games all day long. But finally he decided to come because he isn’t going  back to school for 2 weeks so he has free time. It was nearly Christmas so we  decided to surprise mum and dad by running away but actually we are planning a surprise. Christmas was very special to us because that was when it was my parent anniversary.  Whilst we were at  the beach i  decided  that i  would go in the water  because it was the hottest day in 7 years.  Daniel ran away quick but my other brothers and  sisters /were  still there as i went i went to the house in the living room i planed to  make  a humongous cake with there faces on and then i done lots of designing. All around the house. I quickly went back to the beach and  nobody  noticed but my brothers and sisters were in with the plan.

There was this  type of monster on the beach it had  nails it  was a s sharp as 4 blade combined to each other. He had a black cape shoes and a helmet  so you can not see his viscous  and ambitious face. Everyone was scared and lots of people just ran out  of the beach as quick as flash. I quickly went into my farrier  and everyone went in the rose rose i told everyone to meat at my house because of the plan that i was doing in my car when i locked in my  mirror there was  the monster it speared to have super speed or teleportation  and the next day was Christmas so it was a  good idea to  do all of our shopping so soon. Finally we had  arrived at my  Daniels mansion it looked and seemed to be better then  the other house nobody which was my family had been in my house before.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Somehow Daniel was missing we all was frightened  somehow he opened the door and he said hello my name  is the dark empire of distraction  he came up  at  us and said join me   and d you will be my slave on my dangerous planet. All of us were inquisitive because we never knew how this person is because of his mask and he  looked pritty short to be a bad person we is in control of one  whole planet. I had a bamboo stick and every ten seconds i said stand up  we could not run or  escape because i locked all my doors and windows. Finally he took  his black mask off and  it looked like the person under that mask was Jason it was a hell of a prank but it scared every single person in the whole family  we went home and we showed our parents what we had  planned because of  there anniversary the next day was Christmas and everyone  was happy and celebrating  this was the best Christmas ever.

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“The book that i made up by tomisn”

  1. March 22nd, 2017 at 8:30 am      Reply Mubarik Says:

    I like the book that you wrote and you split it up into paragraphs that story was brilliant well done

  2. April 28th, 2017 at 7:43 pm      Reply Oluwatomisin Says:

    thank you Mabarik

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