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Readin stars going to a trip in CRYSTAL PALACE stadioum!!!!


To day it has been a really  fun day because reading stars have been going on a trip to Crystal Palace stadium and we did awesome work games. One of them was to  be with an author that had written the books called:

THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DIARIES.   BY JAMIE SCALLION.                                             

We had to choose a subject and our options were:           WINNIN-LOOSING-LOVE. Everyone choose Winning but  my group wanted to do it different to everyone else so we choose losing, we did a spider diagram and we had to put words that mean losing, after words that rime until we had to make a poem that had to end with a word that rimes with the last letter of the other sentence. and a group name this was our Name: The boy that lost his fame, this is the poem that Kopihan, Mobeen and I made:                                                                    There was a boy that like playing a game.                         He broke a glass and got the blame.                                        He went upstairs with lots of shame.                                    He went to bed with and lost his fame.

After we went to go around the stadium and went in a room to talk about how Crystal Palace was build and about Crystal Palace players, the we went sat sat in the place of the football ground where the managers sit. We had a competition against a secondary school to see who cheers the most and West Thornton WON!!!     Also we went to see the trophies that Crystal Palace has.          Then we went to see another aouthor and did activities, he also wrote books about DARK LORD he made up, the first pictures is his old books and the 2 pictures are his new book front covers:  



This are his old                                              This are the new

books front covers                                       book front covers

that won the 2012                                       that he is making

children competition book.                        for DARK LORD.


1                                                                2

One question,which one do you prefer 1-2?

We got to try things that he had to show us and we had so much have with him while we were playing the sounds to be a really strong and famous DARK LORD.

BY GUYS, THIS IS IT FOR TODAY, BECAUSE AFTER THIS WE WENT TO SCHOOL.                                                 HOPE YOU ENJOY IT BY MATEO IN 6.3






















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“Readin stars going to a trip in CRYSTAL PALACE stadioum!!!!”

  1. April 28th, 2017 at 7:47 pm      Reply Oluwatomisin Says:

    OMG fantastic piece of work well done

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