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My life-Chapter 1- sorrowful but happy


My name is David I am ten years old let me tell you what has happened to me for the past 3 years. It was the greatest thing that has happened in my whole life. I was so into football that when I’m at school and when my Teacher asks me a maths question this is what I say”Miss what is your favourite footballer my favourite one is Eden Hazard  yeah”. I saw my teacher giving out the football trials letter. I ran to Miss and I just took it of her and she call me back and said”give it back to me ,what do you say”. I took it of her and I ran home. Then I thought do I have to go somewhere, I looked at the letter, the trials was today. I ran so fast. Luckily the trials didn’t finish it just started. It was finished and he was going to chose who is in the team. I was so nervous. He read all of the names and I wasn’t in the team I was sorrowful. My dad said” Even if you didn’t get in do not ever give up”. My dad passed away when I was away. That moment was so sorrowful. I don’t want to talk about it any more. I will never give up no matter I fail. That was only thing in my head.

My mum died as well. I know you will be thinking who I are living with I have a brother do not worry. He was a football player. His name is “Daniel Sturridge”. He was looking after me. I had an enemy at school. His name is “Eriksson”. I had a bet with him. If I didn’t get chosen for the team he will say that I did a fart and the house broke down. I thought they wouldn’t believe Eriksson but they actually did I was shocked. Everyone was laughing at me. My brother use to say” whatever embarrassment comes and face you, be bold. So I’m doing exactly what my brother had said.


It was six weeks and the football team season has finished and it was fresh start and they were going to create a new amazing squad. They were going to do the trials again so I went to the trials. The trials had just finished and they were going to choose who going to be in the new team. The first person they chose was me I was so happy. I was sad as well because brother has passed away as well at a time like this. I was living with my uncle and auntie and it was fun.

40 years later

I am manager for the best team in the world football academy. It was in the middle of the match. The audience was shouting at the Football Academy saying” The victory is to the Devils!”. Devils is the team they are playing now. The players in football academy are in the box there player crosses the player headers it….

To be continued

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“My life-Chapter 1- sorrowful but happy”

  1. March 6th, 2015 at 10:59 am      Reply Jeijan Says:

    Hi David R
    This an fantastic story because there’s lots of detail and when you was writing you used vowels, adverbs and nouns.
    What is going to happened in the next chapter 2 ?
    When I was reading your story it makes sense and there’s some new words that you added that are new.
    You can add abit more because I’m interested and I’m really interested to read chapter2.

  2. March 12th, 2015 at 9:27 am      Reply Alen Says:

    Hi David R

    I really like you post called My Life Chapter 1 sorrowful but happy. I do appreciate you adding a lot of detail to your post and that Is what I am very happy about of your post. The sad bit If thought of your story was when you dad passed away, and I think that you would of felt very sorrowful of your dad when you was away and I do agree with that you should not talk about your dad when he passed away, otherwise It will still stay In your head and you will remember the bad thing that happened to your dad. I do think that you have been reading a lot of books and that might be why you have written this much detail to your post.

    By Alen

  3. March 12th, 2015 at 9:27 am      Reply Mahamud Says:

    Hi David R

    I really like your prestion you did not do small work you done and amzing job

    and i think thats year5 standerd

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